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We understand that the crux of the challenge faced in training accounting and tax professionals lies in how to provide them with relevant, quality work experience in order to develop their skills and competencies to become a competent employee within an Accounting & Finance Division of an organization.

As a result of the lack of available workplace experience, candidates are not able to complete their work experience logbooks, they struggle with the life skills needed to transition from academics to work and as a result of this the necessary work experience cannot be attained and candidates are stuck in purgatory…not yet skilled enough to qualify to gain entry to a professional body, but not exactly unskilled as they are in possession of an NQF6 qualification through our past projects and our professional team of experienced subject matter experts we want to EMPOWER our youth to not only SURVIVE in the workplace, we want to help them THRIVE

This challenge becomes exacerbated as FASSET and other government funding organisations provide millions worth of funding for the Academic Qualifications, leading to a bottleneck in the crucial area of converting academic knowledge to the workplace.

The question arises whether there is a way to move the newly qualified learner, who is not on a clear career path to become a member of a professional body, from the classroom to employment.  The old catch-22 is at play here: candidates cannot find work because of the lack of experience and they cannot gain experience due to the lack of work opportunities.

We believe the only way that this could be achieved is through our unique Tax and Accounting, virtual reality workplace experience, for more on what we mean by “Virtual Reality workplace experience”

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What the students on our past projects say…

Kwezi Zithutha

“Being part of the Ubuchule program has really helped me a lot.”

“It has been the driver of bridging the gap of what I learnt at school and what is going to be required of me in practice. It has been a very fun experience. It’s been a very great learning experience.”

“It has been an amazing journey.”

Hlobisile Treasure Ngwenya

Hlobisile Tresure Ngwenya

“The simulations not only brought a bigger picture of what was expected of me in practice, but were a form of extra exercise that contributed to my academic success”

“Theoretical knowledge is not the only factor that measures your level of competency when you are newly appointed at the workplace”

“We were provided with personal skills which facilitate employability”

Dineo Nkadimeng

Dineo Nkadimeng

“The program has been an amazing experience. I believe I have grown professionally and personally as an individual.”

“My takeaway is how we learnt to apply knowledge in the field that we specialise in, which is Taxation”

“I believe the program was successful in providing workplace experience”

“I believe I was blessed to be part of the program”

Hopolang Mollo

hopelang molio

“The program made me understand that in my work readiness I needed to have a good grasp of the basics.”

“The wellness program that was offered by the Ubuchule program has boded very well for me on a personal level. Nicole has helped me A LOT with finding mental stability in my job and not get lost in the chaos.”

Sibusiso Mlangeni

sibusiso mlangeni

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the Ubuchule program and I would never trade it for anything as the skills that I’ve learnt through this program have made me the better professional that I am today.”

“It gave me a form of security when I needed it in terms of what to expect in the workplace.”

“What this program meant for me personally is that I was developing my character through this program through the tasks that I was given, becoming better all around. The biggest take-away was time management.”

Ziyandiswa Mvelase


“I got the opportunity to put my tax knowledge into practice. The workplace simulations helped me learn and understand how tax works in the real world. The simulations also enhanced my tax knowledge. The simulations also improved my soft skills such as communication, organisation and time management.”

“The mentorship group supported me and facilitated the balancing of my commitments”

Hope (Ditlalana) Makgeru

“Hi my name is Hope Makgeru, and I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 25 candidates to continue through with the Ubuchule 2022 program. Professionally this program has really assisted me in identifying areas that I had previously lacked knowledge in or neglected due to academic time constraints.

Not only did it fit in the missing pieces, but it also provided me with valuable real-life work skills through its stimulations that better equipped me professionally, and contributed towards my SAIT logbook even when I was still looking for employment.

Personally I got the chance to work and interact with like-minded peers, who challenged , and motivated me in a safe learning environment.

I am so thankful to the Ubuchule Team for the experience and their wisdom. This is one of those experience I will take with me professionally always.”