Taxation work readiness training –

The “Ubuchule” Project

Taxation work readiness training

The “Ubuchule” Project

“Ubuchule” is the Xhosa word that can be translated as “competence”, “skill”, “acumen”, “proficiency” or  “mastery” in English.

The Ubuchule project benefited over 65 qualifying B.Com (Hons) Taxation students at the University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and University of Cape Town.

Students were exposed to three simulations in Corporate Tax, Individual Tax and VAT respectively. Through our virtual reality workplace experience students were required to perform calculations, complete simulated returns, inspect source documents, interrogate Annual Financial Statements, synthesise information and apply critical thinking skills to draw conclusions. This multi-faceted approach to providing learners with workplace experience whilst studying has increased students’ proficiency and employability.

The last simulation integrated workplace readiness skills and workplace training such as note taking, introduction to Excel, professional writing, time management etc. Please refer to the testimonials included below for the students’ feedback on their experience.

We are proud that we enjoyed over 90% engagement throughout the program.

Learners “vote” on the value of a program through engagement and by submitting their simulations and we are proud of our “Ubuchule” students for embracing this opportunity with both arms.

15 students moved on the second phase of the Tax and Accounting Clinic where they had access to actual client information. They were closely supervised and mentored by experienced tax professionals and enjoyed the benefit of intensive one-on-one training and being exposed to actual client information. We are pleased with the growth we have seen in each individual both professionally and personally.


Mathematics and English Support

“PERK” is an acronym for “Practical Experience and Renewal of Knowledge”.

This project benefited over 30 grade 8 and 9 learners from a variety of schools with Mathematics and English support.
As part of the Mathematics support, students were supplied with face-to-face group tutoring, additional examples and questions to solidify key concepts and mock exams on a weekly basis. Tutoring was structured to be in pace with the syllabus and work covered in class and in this way students benefited from the additional assistance in support of their class work. For the English program small groups engaged fortnightly to increase reading proficiency and writing skills. Students were encouraged to explore the text, apply and develop skills and engage with trained small group tutors who emphasized a specific learning outcome every two weeks.

Our PERK program was a resounding success, with 100% of the originally identified at-risk students passing their respective grade’s English subject. In total 93% of the students passed their respective grade’s Mathematics subject.

Hard work pays off and we are proud of our students’ dedication to the program whilst balancing other school commitments. We are also especially appreciative of the parents and schools who supported our project and encouraged the students to participate.

Please refer to the testimonials attached below.